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A Focus on Simplicity

Inspiration was drawn from different ancient Indian calligraphy.  The Logo should have a flow and need to be organic in nature. 


Yogwe is a lifestyle tech brand, that presents Ayurvedic wisdom in a relatable way, so that it can serve the sophisticated needs of today's people.

Visual Design | UI/UX | Development | Strategy

Health is an ecosystem

Yogwe is inspired by the poetic definition of Ayurveda as knowledge longevity.
Our mission is to inspire you to create healthy self care rituals to promote general well-being.


Our products are customised to the elements, to balance the individual, the season and the climate, and are meant for ritual daily use.


  • Establishing a Distinctive Brand Identity in a Competitive Market: Crafting a unique and memorable brand identity that stands out in a highly competitive market presents a significant challenge.

  • Simplifying Abstract Concepts of Ayurveda for Clarity: Conveying complex and abstract Ayurvedic concepts in a simple, easy-to-understand manner poses a considerable challenge, especially given the depth of this ancient knowledge.

  • Developing an Engaging Dosha Quiz for Personalized Insights: Creating an interactive Dosha quiz that accurately determines a user's Ayurvedic body type while keeping it engaging and user-friendly is a notable challenge in providing value to the audience.

Tools Used

Bubble (No-code)
After Effects

Finding the voice

Derived from the word 'Yog,' which signifies 'Union,' it encapsulates the very essence of Ayurveda. The branding journey began with a profound desire to create a logo that would authentically represent the soul of Ayurveda.

Ancient Inspiration, Modern Expression
Drawing inspiration from various forms of ancient Indian calligraphy, we embarked on a quest to infuse Yogwe's visual identity with timeless wisdom. The logo design process was a careful fusion of tradition and modernity.

Flowing Organically, Reflecting Nature
Our ultimate aim was to craft a logo that not only flowed gracefully but also resonated with the organic essence of Ayurveda. Each curve and line in the design was purposefully chosen to embody the harmony and natural balance that Ayurveda represents.

Yogwe is a Vibration that ignite self discovery

Thank you

Paving the way for customization

Instead of Product Choice screen which directly asks the user to pick a product, We designed a simple questionnaire which will help our user find the most suitable product for his use case.

Live site coming soon

Visual Design | UI/UX | Development | Strategy

Illustrations that vibrates with your energy





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