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To attract the target audience, we created a distinctive and memorable brand identity that would set Yogwe apart from competitors. Our primary focus was revealing a core platform concept — user-friendly, informative and clean. I wanted to create a visually appealing website, so we incorporated graphic elements such as elements of nature, mandalas and minimalist icons. These details helped break up the monotony of the page, making it more attractive to users while emphasizing key content and information.

Nature's Influence and Harmonious Design

Identity for a unique brand

A Unique Dosha Quiz Illustration:
 Nature as the Guiding Force
In the pursuit of crafting a distinctive identity for the Yogwe Dosha Quiz, our vision was to personify Mother Nature herself. She would serve as the guiding presence, leading users on a transformative journey towards understanding their authentic Dosha constitution.

Nature's Attire: Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Ether
To bring this vision to life, we carefully conceptualized a character draped in the symbolic garments of the Dosha elements—Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Ether. Each element was intricately woven into the character's attire, representing the profound connection between Ayurveda and the natural world. This illustration not only captured the essence of the Dosha quiz but also reinforced Yogwe's commitment to aligning with the harmony of nature.

Illustrations that vibrates with your energy

Derived from the word 'Yog,' which signifies 'Union,' it encapsulates the very essence of Ayurveda. The branding journey began with a profound desire to create a logo that would authentically represent the soul of Ayurveda.

Ancient Inspiration, Modern Expression
Drawing inspiration from various forms of ancient Indian calligraphy, we embarked on a quest to infuse Yogwe's visual identity with timeless wisdom. The logo design process was a careful fusion of tradition and modernity.

Flowing Organically, Reflecting Nature
Our ultimate aim was to craft a logo that not only flowed gracefully but also resonated with the organic essence of Ayurveda. Each curve and line in the design was purposefully chosen to embody the harmony and natural balance that Ayurveda represents.

Finding the voice