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In my creative exploration, I conceived the idea of featuring curious developers as the main characters in our illustrations. They would interact with different UI elements in their quest for answers. To achieve scalability, I devised an approach by using smaller spot illustrations arranged like Lego pieces to create hero visuals. This concept forms an illustration system that can be easily scaled for our guides, ensuring a friendly and cohesive visual experience.

Lego Blocks of illustration system

We wanted bring a sense of excitement and relatability to our illustrations. Our goal was to create a unique illustration style for BrowserStack that would be easily scalable. Throughout the creative process, we ventured into multiple styles and directions, exploring various possibilities to find the perfect fit.

Making it Unique

To align with our business goals and ensure scalability, I created new UI components while refining existing ones. Drawing insights from past experiments, I fine-tuned some components to make them more engaging. The aim was to foster user engagement and ignite conversions, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience for our audience

Growth components

In my quest to create a great optimised guide page, I embarked on a creative journey filled with endless concepts and variations. I explored diverse layouts, experimented with various styles of illustrations and played with typography scale. As I delved into this exciting phase, I encountered the challenge of harmonising multiple elements while establishing the perfect hierarchy for delivering the right information.

Catalyse authentic personality